I love teaching but my real passion is watching my clients change for the better as they experience the benefits to body and mind. With dedication and patience I see my clients improve their posture and alignment, gain awareness of their body, get stronger, fitter and achieve a better sense of wellbeing.

My Story

Pali Kumari is a fitness professional and dancer combining her two passions to create Kumari Fitness.


I believe that functional fitness methods are the best way to improve overall quality of life. Kumari Pilates focuses on helping clients achieve total fitness and a state of wellbeing through a diverse program of exercises designed to improve efficiency, balance and coordination.


To get maximum results, Kumari Pilates classes are taught with an emphasis on understanding the biomechanics of movement. With this commitment to mastering technique you build a solid foundation that enables you to move efficiently with power and grace.

Kumari Pilates is here to help you to commit to perform and transform your body into the most effective powerhouse there is to keep you fit for life.