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My name is Pali and I am a Pilates and movement coach covering London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

I love sharing my passion for movement with others. The greatest joy is to see the transformation in my clients. With dedication and patience they experience the rich benefits in both body and mind. They develop greater awareness of their body and as their posture, strength and fitness improve so does their sense of well-being. The change is not just in their body, it is also in their confidence and zest for life. 

My goal is to help you unlock your movement and potential and transform your body into the most effective powerhouse there is to keep you fit for life.


"Pali is a very thoughful and caring Pilates teacher. She understands how the body moves incredibly well, and takes time to get to know you. Since starting Pilates with Pali, I have become so much stronger. I've always had issues with my lower back, but Pali has made me so much more self aware of how to improve my day to day movement, and avoid aggravating this issue. I've experienced several Pilates teachers, but Pali is by far the best."  

Amy West, Chesham

"Pali is an exceptionally gifted and thoughtful Pilates instructor. Using the reformer and other devices she has helped me rehabilitate my back and shoulder so that I can now move freely. She has also helped me improve my overall strength and tone. Applying her keen interest in the mechanics of the body, she tailors her instruction to the personal needs of each of her clients."  

Alice Gran, Ruislip

"Pali is a fabulous trainer who encourages and supports you to go beyond what you thought was possible. Her classes are fun and varied and never boring. She learns about her clients and produces classes tailored to their needs and wants. Training with Pali is highly enjoyable, mentally rewarding and brings about physical change. Highly recommended!"  

Jessica Wilson, Chesham

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