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Pilates Movement Class 

Transforming your body with every move

Classes take place at:

Rickmansworth, Chesham Town Hall & Ruislip Physiotherapy Clinic


Pilates With a Difference

So much more than just a Pilates Class. The emphasis of these classes is to take your practice 'beyond the mat' and bridge Pilates with it's application in daily activities. You will gain a deeper understanding of your body and the impact your current movement patterns have on it. You will learn how to re-align your body and move with greater efficiency and ease.


With a strong focus on biomechanics, the classes draw on a range of movement practices to help you improve your flexibility, experience true strength, enhance athletic performance and develop good posture. 


Go further. Discover your potential.

Pali's classes are wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. I came to Pilates as a complete beginner and not knowing what to expect. Everything is now better about my posture and my body as a result of these classes. She's an expert. 

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